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Chapter 1 Early Learning Child Care and Pre School Miranda​. 50 Karimbla Rd 2228


Chapter 1 Early Learning would like to respectfully acknowledge the Dharawal people who are the traditional custodians and first peoples of the land on which Chapter 1 Early Learning operates. Chapter 1 Early Learning would also like to pay respect to elders both past and present and to extend that respect to other aboriginal people in our community. 


​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Celebrate your loved one’s learning


There is now clear evidence that childhood nutrition has a lasting effect on many aspects of health. Children need fresh nutritional food and well balanced meals. This is provided by our centre each day.


Each of our meals selected are appetizing and nutritious with them selected from the five food groups and comply with the recommended dietary requirements. All our meals take into account the cultural backgrounds and special dietary requirements/needs of all the children attending the centre.

Menus are evaluated frequently  to ensure that all meals provided are appropriate and enjoyed by the children.


Healthy snacks are provided and refreshments are also readily available to children throughout the day.


Our centre offers a weekly educational and stimulating individualised curriculum based on children’s current learning and interests to further each child’s growth and development. Our overall aim for our curriculum is for the children to build on their independence and become confident learners with The Early Years Learning Framework.

Our curriculums ensure that a wide range of learning experiences are offered daily within our well organised preschool curriculum. Our program enables children to move freely around the activities allowing them to make their own choices whilst ensuring that all key learning areas are promoted and explored by the children.

These experiences include:

• Creative Arts / working on projects

• Math’s and Science

• Constructive Play

• Sensory and Manipulative

• Dramatic Play

• Music and Movement

• Language and Literacy

• Computer Curriculum

• Sustainable living

• Health and physical fitness

• Cultural studies

By undertaking in these experiences on a daily basis the children’s minds are enhanced in numerous ways, they learn how to write, read and speak; they also learn to interact with their fellow peers & are working to reach their individualized learning outcomes.



Our centre encourages an Open Door Policy, where parents and familes are welcome at the centre at ANYTIME. Parent participation sends strong messages to your child that you support them and are part of their childcare environment. There are many levels of parent participation and we appreciate that time is of premium for all parents, but we are willing to accommodate any form of involvement you may desire to assist you and your child which ultimately benefits the whole centre.

We sincerely wish for you and your child to feel welcomed at our centre. Please be aware that an important three-way relationship between parents, caregivers and children is vital for an early childhood setting to ensure our program reflects all those involved in our setting.

For information about the programs and learning environment offered at Chapter 1 please feel free to give us a call.

02 9540 5276

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