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Diverse Learning Environments

Possum Johnathon.JPG

Playful Possums

Our playful Possum room caters for children aged 0 to 2 years. The room has a maximum of 12 children each day with our 3 permanent educators. We follow the children's home routine with access to a cot  room. All meals are provided including a puree menu for the children starting their journey into solid foods. This class room has direct access to our outdoor yard where the children enjoy time to explore every day.  

Emu Hendrix.JPG

Exploring Emus

The Exploring Emu room is our 2-3 year old room and caters for a maximum of 10 children per day. The children have 2 permanent educators and the class room has access to their own outdoor yard. The children are encouraged to develop their independence through the daily routine. Children enjoy bringing projects to the group based on their emerging interests.

Wombat Jonathon.JPG

Worldly Wombats

Our Worldly Wombat's room is our Pre-school classroom for 3 to 5 year olds and caters for a maximum of 25 children per day. While play remains important in the daily routine a focus is placed on school readiness to ensure all children have the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge for smooth transitions to 'big school'. This is implemented through the daily routine in our 'Yarning Circles', small groups, projects, language program and music and movement programs. 

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