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Chapter 1 Philosophy for Young Minds

Chapter 1 Early Learning believes that when you're little, those early years are super important! That's when you learn lots of cool stuff that helps you your whole life. Our educators really care about how you feel and what you think. We want you to feel happy and safe while you learn and play.

We think playing is one of the best ways you learn. When you play, you're figuring out how things work and making up all sorts of fun stuff. Playing with your friends is awesome too because you get to share ideas and learn from each other. We know that every kid is different, and that's totally cool! You learn at your own speed, and we're here to help you along the way. We've got special ways to make learning fun, both inside and out.

We're here to help you become the best you can be! We'll work with you and your family to make sure you're learning and growing in the best way for you. And we'll keep you updated on all the cool stuff you're learning along the way!

We believe in something called the Early Years Learning Framework, which is like a special plan to help kids all over Australia learn and grow. It's all about making sure you have fun while you learn things that are really important.
Belonging means feeling like you're part of something special, like your family or your friends. Being is about enjoying the moment and having fun. And becoming is about growing up and figuring out who you want to be when you're big.

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